Recovery Services

Need help recovering after a game, a race, or a workout. Call our office to schedule for one of our Recovery Zone services - No prescription required. These services can be used before or after a workout, game, or race  to help ease your muscle soreness or discomfort, improve blood flow, increase your flexibility, and more.  Come in for a scheduled appointment and complete a short medical questionnaire to have access to the following services. (You don’t have to be a current physical or occupational therapy client to take advantage of our Recovery Zone services.)

  • Normatec: Sequential compression which uses a pulsing type massage to promote circulation, decrease swelling, decrease pain, and accelerate recovery. Treatment is available for the arm and the legs.
  • Game Ready Cold and Compression: Intermittent compression technology which uses a patented chamber system to provide circulation of cold water through a body region sleeve with graded intermittent compression. This type of compression helps to decrease pain, decrease swelling, and decrease pain. Treatment is available for the shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee, lower leg, and ankle.
  • Electrical Stimulation: Electrical stimulation is available in different types to address issues of pain and muscle spasms.
  • Dry Needling: Use of a monofilament to a dysfunctional muscle or trigger point to reduce tightness, increase blood flow, and reduce local and referred pain.
  • Antigravity treadmill: Patients are able to walk or run while being unweighted to provide decrease stress to the lower extremity which helps improve joint mobility, reduce pain while training, and reduce the risk of re-injury.


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